Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nail News - November 23rd!


So it is, once again, time for another nail news! Today I have two three things for you since I did not post a nail news last week! One of them has nothing to do with nails but I just wanted to mention it! 

This weeks nail news:

1. So as you know, I have received my nail polish advent calendar and as I said earlier, I will be posting everyday to show you the nail polish inside each door. I have decided that I will be painting my nails each day! Now, the problem is that painting your nails and then removing it the next day for 1 month, can be VERY damaging for your nails! I have pretty strong nails but, the nail polish remover every single day, will make them weak and brittle. So what I decided is that I will be painting 1 nail each day, not the whole hand! So for example, on December 1 st, I will paint my thumb with the color I got. The next day I will paint my pointer/index finger with the color from the calendar. Then, on December 11th, I will remove the one I did on December 1st and paint on that nail! That way, I will not harm my nails as much!

2. So the new Essie winter collection is out! This is nothing special but, I wanted to tell all Essie lovers!
I have not tried the collection but I will put a video in this post, by Missjenfabulous, where she reviews the entire collection! Enjoy: 

3. This is not related to nails but I just wanted to mention it. The new 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' is out!!!! I went and watched it yesterday and it was amazing!!! Here is the trailer if you haven't watched it yet:

I totally recommend this movie but, the problem is, you have to watch the first movie in order to understand it!

So I hope you enjoyed this weeks nail news and I'll see you in the next post!


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