Sunday, March 9, 2014

St. Patrick's day nail art! Mix'n match

St. Patrick's day is very close and cutepolish did a video on st. Patrick's day nails so I wanted to try them out! They were very easy to do...

On the thumb, you can see the Irish flag since St. Patrick's day is originally from Ireland. On the pointer, I did a green plaid although I kind of failed. On the middle finger, I did a three - leaved clover and I know the four - leaved ones are usually the ones that are supposed to bring luck but that's how it was in cutepolishes video and I think the ones with tree leaves are cuter. On the ring finger, you can see an pot of gold with a rainbow. I think this is so cute. Finally, on the pinkie, I did a Leprechaun's hat. I really like how this design turned out! Here is cutepolishes video so that you can re-create this design too:

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