Saturday, May 31, 2014

Three new colours added to my collection!!

I know that this thing with the Nail News isn't going too well. Instead, today I am going to show you three new colours that my friend gave to me! I really like all of them and I think they are perfect for summer!
The first one is called Palm Coast Teal. It's a teal colour but it is more greenish. 
It is supposed to have a "jelly look but I didn't notice any of that yet. 

The next polish doesn't have a name. It is a matte yellow polish. 

The last polish is also matte and also doesn't have a name. It is neon green.

All of these polishes are by a Turkish brand called 'flormar'. I have to say that this brand is not the best quality but it is fine and I think that a polish doesn't have to be by a famous brand. Each polish is unique (wow. That was very deep). 

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