Friday, August 23, 2013


Hey reader,

So I am back from my holidays and the island was beautiful! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures!

So, do you know Instagram? It's an app where you can upload pictures and short videos. So basically it's like Facebook, but I think it's better! I have three accounts on Instagram... Yes, three! 
Their names are:
1. talela1805 = this is my (I guess) Vlog account.
2. talelalovesnailart = as you can tell, this is my nail art account
3. Jimmy_theCUTEdog = which is my dogs account. Yes, my dog has Instagram

So those are my three Instagram accounts. Check them out or else... No just kidding. If you have Instagram, leave your username in the comments below and I will check you out!

See you in the next post!