Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sugar feast in Istanbul

Hey reader,
I'm sure you don't know that I live in Istanbul and that I have relatives here. Well, now you do.
So today all Muslims celebrate the Sugar feast. It's a huge feast to celebrate the end of Ramadan.
I'm actually not religious, but I celebrate the sugar feast because the whole family gets together and it's nice to see all of the relatives!

Quick announcement: I will be on holiday for two weeks!!!! I will be leaving today, in the evening after the feast, to my friends summerhouse which is on an island called Bozcaada! The best is that my parents and sister are only staying for three days! That means, I will be alone with my friend, her sister and her parents for the remaining two weeks!!! I'm so excited!

Anyways, that was my second post on this blog. I hope you liked it and see you in the next post!


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