Saturday, October 12, 2013

Holidays!! + Nail News!!

Hi reader,

School has been going well. We had Exams This week and I think I mastered them pretty well. So now, in Turkey, we have one week of holidays. I still have homework over the week so that kind of sucks. Do you get homework over your holidays?
Also, I will be doing this thing called 'Nail News'. Obviously, as you can tell by the name, I will be talking about anything new to do with nails. I will be posting new 'Nail News' every Saturday.

This weeks, really exciting, Nail News: So Christmas is coming up (I know it's still a little early to talk about this) and lately, I have been watching 'KokovonKosmo' a German youtuber. She made this video about an awesome advent calendar. If you don't know what that is: It is a German Christmas tradition. It is a kind of 'calendar' with 24 "doors". In each "door", there is a small present and you open the first door on the 1st of December. Each day, you open one door until you finally get to the 24th of December (Christmas Eve).
So anyways, she talked about this advent calendar that had a mini nail polish from Ciate in each door! How awesome is that! I went ahead and ordered one and I will Definitely show you each polish that I get. So I will be posting every day in December up to the 24th!!
 This is the link to the website of Ciate:
Here is KokovonKosmo's video (for those of you who speak German):

Let me know if you like the idea of 'Nail News'. Check out KokovonKosmo and subscribe to her! Also, check out the link if you want to buy the Ciate advent calendar.

I am so excited to show you the calendar,

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