Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nail News - October 26th!!

Hello again,

Today is Saturday which means it's time for another Nail News!

This weeks Nail News:
Some of you might already know this but the new Sephora line has come out. It is called 'Formula X' and it has the most amazing formula ever! I haven't bought any of them yet so I can't do any swatches for you today but I will post two videos that might give you an idea of how amazing these are. The first video is by Missjenfabulous. I love her videos so go and check her out! The second one is by Cutepolish and I have posted a video by her already. Go check her out!

The video by Missjenfabulous:

And here the video by Cutepolish:

So I hope you liked this post and see you in the next one,

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