Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent calendar 'unboxing' - December 10th!!

Hello reader,

It's time to open door no.10! Here we go...

Today's polish is called 'pillow fight' and it is a really pretty purplish greyish color. Here it is on my nail...

This picture turned out really dark!
Here is a close up to show the true color:

I have 2 similar colors...

As you can probably see, they are not that similar in the bottle but they are on the nails! The polish on the right is called 'be natural' and it is a limited edition by 'catrice'. The one on the left is called 'with a twist' by 'GOSH' and is also a limited edition! 

I think this polish is beautiful! What about you? 



  1. This looks as if it is a matte polish?

    1. I didn't add a topcoat. I never do on plain colors because I find that the polish stays longer without chipping. I only add topcoat on designs.