Monday, December 30, 2013

Mini drugstore haul!

So today I spent a day at a German drugstore called 'dm'. I love this drugstore, and I decided to do a mini haul to show you what I bought. 
Before I start, I want to say that the new years eve nail design has been cancelled because I totally failed at the design. I totally messed it up!

So the first thing I got is a bottle of nail polish remover because I recently ran out. It is by 'ebelin' and it is acetone-free. 

Next I picked up two lip balms by a line called 'Baby Lips' by 'maybelline'. I have been looking for these but they don't sell them  in Istanbul. The one on the left is called 'hydrate' and the one on the right is called 'peach kiss'.

Then I bought a bottle of the new Katy Perry perfume called 'Killer Queen'. I have been looking for this perfume for a while because I wanted to smell it! I was so excited when I saw it and I thought it smells quite good so I bought a bottle! It smells really sweet but has a fruity touch to it! Plus, I think the packaging and the bottle is soooooooo cute! 

Then, I bought two bottles of nail polish, perfect for new year! The first one is called 'go dangerous!' by a German brand called 'P2'. It is a black polish with rainbow coloured glitter!

The second polish is by another German brand called 'catrice' and the polish is called 'I'm dynamite' and it is a very pretty clear polish with different sized silver glitter. It is a really chunky glitter.

The last thing I got is not from the drugstore but I wanted to mention it. I am a Hunger Games fan and when I saw this, I had to get it. It is Katniss' mockingjay pin! I got this from a book store. They had the complete trilogy along with the pin!

It is kinda weird because in German the movie is called 'The Tribute of Panem' instead of 'Hunger Games'! I really don't know why!

So i hope you liked this mini drugstore haul and I'm sorry that I couldn't do a nail design today! I have a really cool nail design for you though! Check out 'Missjenfabulous' new video to see an amazing but easy new years eve nail design! 
I want to know: How are you going to celebrate New years eve? I am going to stay with my grandmother while my parents and my sister are going to go to a party at a friend's house. I don't want to go because I would be the oldest and it would be sooooooo boring! My grandma said that we would go the the old castle that is on top of a mountain (it is a beautiful landscape) and watch the fireworks! But only if the weather is nice! 

So how are you going to celebrate new year? Let me know in the comments!

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