Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent calendar 'unboxing' - December 3rd!!


Today is the 3rd of December, which means it is time to open door no.3! Here is the color...

This color is called 'hopscotch' and it is quite a dissapointment to me. I did two coats and you can still see my natural nail through it. Although the color is really pretty, I don't like the polish that much. But that is my personal opinion! Here it is on my nail...

Here is a close up: 

I have a similar polish. It is called 'SunKissed' by 'Sally Hansen'. It is not that similar in the bottle but honestly, I don't think anyone could tell a difference from far away, once they have been applied to the nail!

As you see, they are quite different but on the nails, they look similar! I promise!! I don't think it would be worth spending the money on the full sized bottle of 'hopscotch' when you can just buy the 'Sally Hansen' one!!

So I hope you enjoyed this post and see you in tomorrow's.


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