Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent calendar 'unboxing' - December 4th!!

Hey reader,

On the back of my advent calendar it is shown what the polishes inside are, but there are two mystery/surprise gifts. I think today was one of those! Take a look... I received a gift. Not a polish. At first, when I opened the door, there was nothing inside!! I freaked out! But then I noticed that the gift had slipped to the bottom! I reached into the advent calendar. Lucky for me that the bottom was not far from door no.4! I found it!
Here it is:

Today's gift was a lucky bracelet with the ciatè bow!! If you don't know what the ciatè bow is, it is the bow that represents ciatè. It is on every single one of their polishes! On the full sized polishes, the bow is 3D and made of real material. On the mini polishes, it is only printed on to the 'label'! I'll show you...

I really like today's gift, but I hope tomorrow there will be a polish! No offence bracelet! 


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