Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent calendar 'unboxing' - December 2nd!!


It is time to open door no.2!!! This polish is amazing because it only took me ONE coat to get full opacity!!! Here we go...

This is a quite unique color! It is called 'boudoir'. At first, I was a bit disappointed because I had a lot of reds in my collection already but, when I applied it to my nail, I noticed that it was quite different from the colors I already own!! Here it is on my nail:

Can you believe that this is only ONE coat!?!? I really like this color! It is almost neon but not quite. 

Here is a close up:

There is only 1 color that is similar. It is called 'kiss on top of the rock' by 'essence' and I have nearly finished it!

As you see, it is a double polish! The one on the bottom is called 'dancing in the streets'! 

So I hope you like this post and see you tomorrow!!



  1. Really only one coat? Sounds good - I'll have to look for this one. Do you have a recommendation for a more subtle colour for a Stuttgart-based friend of your mom?