Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last minute Christmas nails!

I said I was going to do a Christmas nail design using the polishes from the advent calendar, that are the most Christmassy! Here it is...

For the thumb, I did some sparkle to represent holiday lights! I used the sequins from yesterday's door called 'mistletoe magic'. I sprinkled the sequins on top of 'bright green' by 'leciel paris'.

For the pointer/index finger, I did a Christmas sweater design! I used the red from December 2nd called 'boidoir' and a white polish for the details called 'blanc' by 'essie'.

For the ring finger, I painted a Santa Clause! I used the red from December 2nd and the white by 'essie'. Then I used a black nail art pen by 'Barry M' for the eyes and the pink polish from December 5th called 'hoopla' for the nose.

For the ring finger, I did a Christmas tree. It wouldn't be a Christmas design without a Christmas tree! I used the white polish as a base color. Then, I did some dots in different sizes, in the shape of the tree. The dark green is called 'bright green' by 'leciel paris', the light green is by 'Astor' but the name of the polish is unknown. The red is the one from December 2nd and the yellow dot for the star is called 'loop the loop' from December 13th.

For the pinkie, I did some holly! I used the polish from December 7th for the base color. It is called 'fit for a queen'. I used the red from December 2nd to make three dots and 'bright green' by 'leciel paris' for the leaves!

I hope you liked this design and MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'll see you in my next post!


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