Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent calendar 'unboxing' - December 5th!!


It is time to open door no.5! Here it is...

This polish is called 'hoopla' and I am really excited because I have been looking for a baby pink for a long time!!
On my nail...

Sorry for the ugliness! My nail just broke off a few weeks ago!!

Here is close up:

This picture really shows the true color! I like this color a lot! I have one similar polish but it is a little darker than this one! 

This is the polish I used for the feather design! As you can see, 'hoopla' is more of a baby/bubblegum pink, whilst the other one is more of a light pink. There's something I noticed about all of the polishes I have received so far: all of the polishes dry really quickly! I do not apply any drops or anything to help the polish dry, and they have dried extremely fast!!

I hope you like this post and I'll see you tomorrow!


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